How much are hot tubs to buy

How much should I spend on a hot tub?

The average price of a hot tub can range from about $3,000 to $16,000 and more. While the initial cost can seem like sticker shock, it’s important to zoom out and consider your long-term value and enjoyment in the tub that you select.

How much is an average size hot tub?

Is getting a hot tub worth it?

For most people, a hot tub is worth the money if you use it regularly—and don’t mind spending the time and energy it takes to maintain it. A hot tub can be a fabulous luxury. However, an unused hot tub is an expensive waste of energy, and a poorly maintained one can pose health risks.

How many years does a hot tub last?

A hot tub can last anywhere from 5-20 years or more. Cheaper hot tubs made with lower quality materials won’t last long. If those hot tubs are not well maintained, they may not last more than 5 years. Quality hot tubs that receive excellent care can be enjoyed for as long as 20 or more years.

Are hot tubs expensive to maintain?

The basic level of hot tub water care (using bottled chemicals) costs around $20 per month to maintain your hot tub, however this depends on what water system that you choose. Upgrading your water care system may be initially more expensive but will save you money and maintenance time in the future.

What’s the difference between a hot tub and a Jacuzzi?

Jacuzzi is simply a brand name of hot tub. All brands will have different features and components to make them different from other hot tub brands. However, rather than focusing on a name, your hot tub purchase should be based on the quality and features that fit your budget and desires.

How much is a brand new hot tub?

The price of new hot tubs usually range from about $5,000 to $8,000. On the lower end, entry-level hot tubs can start at as low as $3,000, and luxury flagship models can fetch over $16,000.

What is the average size of a 4 person hot tub?

Hot Tub Dimensions 4 Person

An average, square, four-seat hot tub would likely be 6’2” long, 6’2” wide, and 2’10” high. Although these models are advertised for four people, they are usually more comfortable with just two or three.

How often do you need to change the water in a hot tub?

With average use, your hot tub should be drained and refilled about once every three or four months. But since everyone uses their hot tub differently, the answer can vary based on how many people use it and how often. Hot tub manufacturers like Jacuzzi offer some handy tips for figuring out when to drain and refill.

Do you leave your hot tub on all the time?

One question we sometimes get asked is should I leave my hot tub on all the time? The answer is yes! Hot tubs are designed to be left on permanently and this is how they work best. Of course, they’ll need to be drained regularly but for the most part, they are left on 24/7.

What should you not do in a hot tub?

So – the top 10 things you should never, ever do in a hot tub.

  • Don’t drink alcohol, and don’t use drugs. …
  • Have a boo boo? …
  • Don’t use bubble bath. …
  • Don’t leave your kids alone. …
  • Don’t goof around. …
  • One of the fun things about a hot tub is that you can use it all year long, even in winter or in the rain.

What is better salt or chlorine hot tub?

Chlorine is preferable over other treatment options for a variety of reasons: It is more affordable and cost effective. Chlorine hot tubs require less upkeep and last longer than salt water hot tubs. Chlorine achieves the cleanliness and oxidation levels that other chemicals and methods do not.

Does a hot tub increase the value of your home?

A portable hot tub really won’t add value to your home. It’s actually just considered a piece of personal property. However, a hot tub that’s built into the ground, with nice landscaping around it, could add some value to your home.

Can a crack in a hot tub be fixed?

Your local spa or pool dealer will likely have a kit specifically designed for your hot tub repair. If you’re unable to find a spa-specific kit, it’s okay to use an acrylic repair kit designed for automobiles. A Drill and Rotary Bit. You’ll only need a drill for larger cracks.

How do you winterize a hot tub?

10 Steps to Winterize Your Hot Tub

  1. Turn Off The GFCI Circuit Breaker. …
  2. Remove Your Hot Tub’s Side Panel. …
  3. Attach A Garden Hose To The Drain Hose. …
  4. Loosen Unions On The Heater And Pumps. …
  5. Remove The Drain Plug From The Pumps. …
  6. Use A Wet-Vac To Remove Water From The Lines. …
  7. Replace Drain Plug On Pumps. …
  8. Add Hot Tub Antifreeze.

Are salt water hot tubs better?

Not only are salt water hot tubs easier to maintain and gentler on your skin, but there’s also no annoying chlorine smell, creating a more enjoyable spa experience. Fewer refills mean you can conserve more water, making salt water systems more eco-friendly.

Can a pool also be a hot tub?

With a plunge pool and hot tub combo, you’ll have a retreat that you can use during every season, too. Our swim spas — a cross between a pool and a hot tub – come equipped with jetted hydromassage seats that give you a space to relieve stress. However, you’ll also have plenty of room to swim, exercise, and play!

Can you use a hot tub cold?

If you have asked yourself, ‘Can hot tubs be used cold? ‘ the answer is yes! In fact, all you need to do to use your hot tub cold is to turn down the temperature on the digital display. Once the temperature has cooled, you can jump in and enjoy an invigorating version of your favourite massage program.

Are hot tubs good for arthritis?

HOT TUB FOR ARTHRITIS BENEFITS. The warm water and massaging jets of your Hot Spring ® spa can deliver wellness benefits that reach beyond relaxation. Hot tubbing can improve the quality of sleep, increase circulation, and manage pain – and research shows that making time for a daily soak can be good for arthritis.

What types of hot tubs are there?

Here are the pros and cons for different types of hot tubs.

  • Portable Hot Tub. Also known as prefabricated hot tubs, portable hot tubs are likely what come to mind when you imagine residential hot tubs. …
  • In-Ground Hot Tub. …
  • Swim-Spa Combo. …
  • Rotationally Molded Hot Tub. …
  • Wooden Hot Tub. …
  • Inflatable Hot Tub.

How much does a hot tub cost per month?

Modern manufacturers advertise the cost to run their hot tubs at about one dollar per day, with $50 per month at the high end. The energy cost of a hot tub varies based mainly on the heater, which usually draws between 1,500 watts or 6,000 watts.

What should I look for in a hot tub?

Here’s what to look for in a durable, high-quality hot tub:

  • Look for higher density foam materials for stronger insulation.
  • Consider water care systems like the FreshWater® Salt System that require minimal effort to keep water fresh and clean.

Can you build a hot tub?

It might seem like a better deal to simply purchase a premade hot tub, but there are certain benefits to building a DIY hot tub, and it isn’t as difficult as it seems. Building a hot tub yourself means you can customize the materials, dimensions, and features to your exact specifications.

Can you plug a hot tub into a regular outlet?

As long as you have access to a regular three-pronged electrical outlet, you can plug in your hot tub and have it up and running within 24 hours. That said, not all hot tubs feature this option. Hardwired hot tubs require the services of a certified electrician to connect the electricity.

How much room do you need around a hot tub?

A good rule of thumb for a hot tub is to give yourself about a foot of space on each side of the tub. This leaves room for things like opening the cover. Most covers require at least 18 inches of space behind the tub as well as a few inches on the left and right side for the arm that helps you lift the cover.

Can I put a hot tub on my deck?

Deck Hot Tub Installation Requirements

A concrete slab is effective at supporting a hot tub. This must be installed along with the concrete deck footings of your deck. For most, a slab four inches thick should suffice, unless one decides to get a very large hot tub then something thicker should be poured.

Can I drain my hot tub into the grass?

Saltwater spas and hot tubs should never be drained on a lawn. However, more traditional chlorine-treated hot tubs can be drained safely if the cover is left off and the chlorine and bromine levels are allowed to dip below 1 ppm or, even better, below detectable levels.

Do hot tubs need to be plumbed in?

Hot tubs are fully portable units and are NOT plumbed in. You will need to be within a hose distance of a water supply to fill the hot tub up. But that’s it, no pipes or permanent water supplies are necessary.

How often should a hot tub be serviced?

So why do hot tubs need servicing? Like cars, to keep your hot tub running smoothly, it’s recommended it is professionally serviced on an annual basis. Servicing helps keep your hot tub in optimum condition.

Should I empty my hot tub in winter?

Draining Your Hot Tub For Winter

Although we recommend using your hot tub as normal during winter, some users will prefer to winterise (drain and turn off) their spa. This needs to be done thoroughly to ensure no issues occur when the hot tub is empty.

Should I turn my hot tub down at night?

It is necessary to keep it at lower temperatures when it’s not in use so that energy consumption isn’t too high. Just like any other appliances at home that consume electricity, it is necessary to keep the temperature a bit lower so that you can save on energy. Others argue that it should be switched off completely.

How often should you change the water in a Lay Z Spa?

It is recommended that Lay?Z?Spa water is changed regularly, and at least once every 1?3 months. The frequency of water changes should reflect the degree of use of the hot tub, as well as the results of chemical testing.

What happens if you pee in a hot tub?

Urine contains a nitrogen compound called urea. When urea is combined with chlorine, it breaks it down into a by-product called chloramine. Chloramine is harmful if it contacts the skin, via the hot tub water, or if it is inhaled, via the steam from the hot tub.

Should you wear a bathing suit in a hot tub?

Should you wear a bathing suit in a hot tub? If you refer to the same swimsuit you use in a pool, lake, ocean, or the beach, then the answer is no. Swimsuits can not only carry contaminants like minerals and biological agents; they may also be full of detergent and sunscreen.

Are hot tubs dirtier than pools?

You can still transmit bacterial infections and viruses in large pools, even though the pathogens and fecal matter have more space to live. So if the same amount of germs are in a hot tub, the water is way more concentrated, and the risk of infection is even higher, experts say.

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