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Can foreigners buy property in Thailand 2021?

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Can I live in Thailand if I buy a house?

Buyers of expensive real estate will receive a residence permit for 5 years. Such residence permit will be called Elite Visa Flexible One. Its owners will be able to enter Thailand without a visa and live in the country for the duration of the status.

How much does an average house cost in Thailand?

Apartments in Thailand sell for $110,000-250,000 on average, homes — for $150,000-700,000. Property prices are the highest in Bangkok, while in Rayong, Hua Hin and Chonburi they are relatively low.

Is it worth buying property in Thailand?

Purchasing Thailand property as an investment is also a good choice because the country has seen a steady increase in property prices as demand continues to stay strong. The country remains consistent in its development, with modern road networks and connections to main industrial and commercial centres.

Can I live in Thailand permanently?

Obtaining status as a Permanent Resident (PR) in Thailand has many advantages. It allows you to live permanently in Thailand, with no requirement to apply for an extension of stay.

Can foreigners retire in Thailand?

If you wish to retire in Thailand, you will need to need to get a retirement visa, also known as a Non-Immigrant Long Stay Visa. It’s possible to do this in Thailand or at a consulate in your home country.

How long can you stay in Thailand if you own property?

After the successful purchase of a unit, foreigners are, however, faced with one more pertinent issue to address: their stay in Thailand is normally limited to a period of 30, 60, or 90 days—the periods generally granted under a tourist visa—after which they must leave the country.

Can I buy Thai citizenship?

You can apply for Thai Citizenship if you meet the following criteria: You are at least 18 years old. You have a clean criminal record and no history of trouble with the police. You have lived in Thailand as a Permanent Residence for at least five years.

Can foreigners buy houses in Thailand?

Foreigners cannot buy land in Thailand, only condominium units and apartments. Foreigners cannot make up more than 40% of the condominium´s unit-owners. However, a foreigner can buy a whole building, minus the land on which it is built.

What is a good salary in Thailand?

Thailand has a salary range of 24,500 THB (734 USD) to 433,000 THB (12984 USD) in a month. And its average monthly salary is 96,900 THB (2904 USD). The country has a median salary of 103,000 THB per month, implying that 50% of the Thai population earns more than 103,000 THB, while the other 50% earns below 103,000 THB.

What is the cheapest place to live in Thailand?

The Cheapest Places To Live in Thailand

  • Chiang Mai – $870 to $1,100 a month.
  • Hua Hin – $1,050 to $1,400 a month.
  • Ko Chang – $1,000 a month.
  • Kanchanaburi – $800 to $1,000 a month.
  • Chiang Rai – $700 to $1,000 a month.
  • Pak Nam Pran – $700 to $1,000 a month.

Which country is the cheapest to buy a house?


Italy might seem like a strange choice on a list of bargain property destinations, but outside of the major cities, cheap properties abound. In fact, some areas of Italy have the cheapest properties on this list.

Is buying a condo in Thailand a good investment?

Under the right circumstances, buying a condo in Thailand can be a rewarding purchase and a good investment. If you are a foreigner interested in buying a condo in Thailand there are several issues you need to be aware of. Thai law only allows foreigners to buy condos in certain circumstances.

Is Thailand safe to invest?

The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report the country has moved up six places to being the 21st out of 190 countries. Thailand also boasts of experiencing improved scores in government integrity and property rights during the most recent reporting period.

How do you buy a condo in Thailand?

The process of buying a condo in Thailand is fairly easy, and only a few requirements must be met:

  1. The property purchased must be part of the project’s 49% surface that could be owned by foreigners. …
  2. Under the Condominium Act, the project must be registered.

Can I just move to Thailand?

When moving to Thailand, you’ll need to get a visa – a requirement by Thai Immigration Law. Most people who move to Thailand do so with a tourist visa (valid for 60 days) or a non-immigrant visa which is initially valid for 90 days and which will then need to be extended through Thai Immigration.

Is it hard to become a Thai citizen?

Obtaining Thai Citizenship through naturalization is a long and often tiring process, which requires you to submit mountains of paperwork, deal with bureaucratic office after bureaucratic office, sing the National Anthem, and mostly wait, wait, and wait…

Does Thailand allow dual citizenship?

Can I Have Thai Dual Citizenship? Yes, you can. The Thai Government does not require you to renounce your prior nationality after obtaining Thai Citizenship. Similarly, if you apply for the nationality of another country while holding a Thai passport, you can still keep both citizenship/passports.

Do they speak English in Thailand?

While the official Thai language is widely spoken throughout Thailand, many Thais also speak and understand English, though more so in Bangkok and the major tourist areas.

Is Thailand cheaper than Australia?

Thailand is 43.4% cheaper than Australia.

Is Thailand a 3rd world country?

Can I get visa if I buy a property in Thailand?

Foreigners will get a one-year Investment Visa by investing at least 10 million baht in one of the following: Purchasing condominium units in new developments for at least 10 million Baht, Purchasing Thai government or state enterprise bonds worth and depositing the funds in a Thai bank’s Fixed Deposit Account.

Can a foreigner own an apartment in Thailand?

Yes – a foreigner can acquire a long term lease on a piece of land in Thailand. Currently the maximum registrable lease is 30 years each term.

How long can you live in Thailand without a visa?

The VISA EXEMPTION RULE allows tourists from 64 countries1 to enter Thailand without a visa. They are granted to stay a maximum of 30 days if they are entering Thailand via an international airport or entering through a land border checkpoint from neighboring countries.

How strong is Thai passport?

The Thai passport is considered the 66th most powerful passport in terms of travel freedom, according to the Henley passport Index. Nationals of Thailand are able to travel to over 30 countries without a visa or by obtaining a visa on arrival.

Which country gives fastest citizenship?

5 fastest countries to get citizenship in 2021 + instant…

  1. Argentina. In Argentina, you could get citizenship in as short as 2 years! …
  2. Peru. Similarly to Argentina, in Peru, you can get citizenship in 2 years. …
  3. Dominican Republic. …
  4. Uruguay. …
  5. Canada.

Does Thailand have a golden visa?

Thailand’s residency by investment program or Thai golden visa gives foreigners the opportunity to live in the country for up to 20 years. There are multiple benefits of residency in Thailand.

Can a non Thai own property in Thailand?

Generally, foreigners are not allowed to directly purchase land in Thailand. Simply put, Thai laws prohibit foreigners from owning land in their own name, although theoretically there is an exception but it is yet to be seen in practice.

Where is the best place to buy property in Thailand?

Usually the most popular cities and provinces for foreign homebuyers and investors to buy real estate in Thailand are as follows:

  • Bangkok.
  • Phuket.
  • Pattaya.
  • Chiang Mai.
  • Hua Hin.
  • Koh Samui.

Is it safe to live in Thailand?

However, Thailand is ranked as one of the safest countries in Southeast Asia and violent crimes against visitors are rare. The majority of crimes experienced by tourists, expats, and retirees are crimes of financial opportunity.

Are cars cheaper in Thailand?

Cars are expensive in Thailand and it doesn’t help that all the popular models are imported.

What are the highest paying jobs in Thailand?

Logistics, Operations ; Purchasing. The highest paid Thailand are Executive Management ; Change professionals at $97,000 annually. The lowest paid Thailand are R;D, Pharmaceuticals ; Biotech professionals at $17,000.

How much is the tax in Thailand?

Where do most expats live in Thailand?

Here is a list of 5 of the most popular expat havens in Thailand:

  • 1.Chiang Mai.
  • Koh Samui.
  • Bangkok.
  • Hua Hin.
  • Phuket.

Can I live in Thailand if I marry a Thai lady?

This is a long term Thai visa issued to a foreign national who is married to a Thai and meets the other requirements of the immigration bureau. The Thai marriage visa holder is entitled permission to stay for a full year in Thailand without the need to exit the country.

Is it cheap to retire in Thailand?

A recent study carried out by NetCredit estimated that a person needs approximately $390,000 (US) to retire in Thailand. The study covered most countries of the world, with the goal of estimating the cost of retirement based on the equivalent quality of life you’d enjoy back home.

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